Globalization of Education Reaching All-Time High in Japan - "UNIV. IN JAPAN" Website Offers Detailed Look at English-Taught Degree Programs by Japanese Universities

Global30 project funded by the Japanese government has made studying abroad in Japan a viable option. UNIV. IN JAPAN website serves as a quick reference portal website for those seeking top level education while indulging in the rich culture of Japan.

March 18, 2014

UNIV. IN JAPAN, a portal site dedicated to introducing Japanese Universities and their English-taught degree programs

Arc Communications is a Tokyo-based translation agency that specializes in corporate communication services. As part of its CSR, in the summer of 2012 Arc launched UNIV. IN JAPAN, a portal site dedicated to introducing Japanese Universities and their English-taught degree programs. It recently renewed the site in conjunction with the addition of postgraduate programs taught in English. The site offers a user-friendly interface to search and learn about universities and their program details.

UNIV. IN JAPAN's mission is to increase awareness about English-taught degree programs offered by Japanese universities and entice students to study in Japan. In an effort to globalize human resources, the Japanese government has, over the last five years, supported qualified universities with funds to establish and enhance English-taught educational programs. The Global 30 project under the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) set a goal to welcome 300,000 international students to Japan by the year 2020.

Since the launch of UNIV. IN JAPAN in August of 2012, the all-English site has grown to list over 70 English-based degree programs taught by Japanese universities, has been accessed from 147 countries and has received inquiries in English from over 20 countries around the world. The all-English site also contains materials related to general requirements for studying in Japan, housing, and other unique contents to help prospective students grasp what it would be like to study and live in Japan.

The renewal of the site includes enhancements for a better user experience, and more importantly, the addition of postgraduate programs taught in English. The decision behind this addition was based on two factors: 1) English-taught postgraduate degree programs are more numerous than undergraduate degrees and the desire to list them by universities was very strong; and 2) Based on a study independently conducted by Arc, visitors to the site wished for more information on postgraduate and various research programs offered by universities in Japan.

The listing of university programs and access to the site is free. Downloadable contents are available upon filling a short questionnaire. It is the company's hope that the information will serve as a starting point for those seeking to study abroad to learn about programs offered in Japan and assist prospective students in making the best decision for their academic path.

Studying in Japan is now a viable option: acquire a degree while studying in English at one of the prominent universities in Japan, learn the Japanese language, indulge in the rich culture, and live and feel the excitement building towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics / Paralympics.


Contents: All-English website listing English-taught degree programs open for students from abroad by Japanese universities

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