Translation Case Study

Company A Case Study:
Datamining using machine translation

Company A is an input/output device manufacturer with a worldwide sales network. The company receives millions of inquiries every year in multiple languages. In order to provide customer feedback to the appropriate parties, the company has to quickly and accurately translate millions of inquiries. However, they were faced with a difficult problem: regular translation makes costs prohibitively high, but machine translation does not deliver the required level of quality.

Responding to this predicament, Arc Communications developed a text analysis tool and made effective use of translation support and machine translation software to construct a system that combines these multiple technologies. The result? Costs are less than one-hundredth of manual translation, delivery times are less than one-fiftieth, and translation at the required quality level was achieved. The translations have earned high praise from the client.

Datamining using machine translation

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Company B Case Study:
Converting FrameMaker files into HTML Help format

Many of the latest IT translation projects require technology for using advanced tools. Arc Communications has system engineers who thoroughly understand these tools, which is why we are able to respond to just about any customer requirement.

For example, Company B wanted to translate large, existing FrameMaker files, convert the files to the HTML Help format, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and to simultaneously save the results of translations in translation memory in preparation for future upgrades.

Responding to this request, Arc Communications leveraged multiple tools, including TRADOS S-Tagger for FrameMaker, which converts FrameMaker files into a format that can be used with TRADOS, TRADOS Workbench, which creates translation memory, WebWorks Publisher, which converts files into HTML files, HTML Help Workshop, which creates help files in the chm format, proprietary developed template creation tools, and HtmlQA, which confirms the quality of HTML files. With this package of tools, we provided high quality translation services within the designated delivery period.

Converting FrameMaker files into HTML Help format

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Company C Case Study:
Localizing e-learning into Japanese and creating an ordering system for educational materials

A multinational firm, Company C wanted to quickly implement an e-learning system in Japanese to train its employees. The company first decided to distribute educational materials made with voice and video via CD-ROM, so that employees would be able to easily study at home.

Arc Communications translated not only the educational materials created as text but also voice and video scripts created in Flash. We incorporated the translations into a CD-ROM format that could be used with Japanese operating systems. In addition, we created an order management system that immediately delivers the educational materials when requested by an employee over the company's intranet, and we also serve as the company's vendor for creating, storing and delivering the CD-ROM's as well as for managing the company's educational materials.

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Company D Case Study:
Translation and interpretation support for dealing with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX 404)

There was a sudden need for Company D to report its in-house processes to its US headquarters in order to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a piece of legislation triggered by the Enron scandal. There was a pressing need to translate ASAP the 2,000 pages written in Japanese into English.

Arc Communications began by first securing 20-plus translators and DTP operators that were capable of fulfilling their assignments within a short period of time. Despite the very limited time available until delivery, Arc Communications was able to maintain its high level of translation quality and DTP to the satisfaction of its client by creating a Glossary of Terms and carrying out translations by utilizing various tools.

An internal audit of Company D by US headquarters was later conducted in order to verify that the processes were being carried out as reported. Arc Communications dispatched a number of interpreters/translators that could help lead these meetings in order to enable interviews by the several auditors with a multitude of employees in Japan to be carried out smoothly.

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Company E Case Study:
Revision and management of frequently-generated educational materials

Company E conducts educational programs for adults. Every academic period, the company reviews and revises educational materials that have already been translated. DTP and file version management work for the over 200 varieties of revisions involved a great deal of effort and interfered with the development of new materials. Disposing of old materials made obsolete by frequent revisions was also a problem.

Company E resolved these issues by outsourcing to Arc Communications all the processes following the teachers' final decisions on changes to the content. Doing so allowed Company E to dedicate itself to development of new educational materials with high added-value.

The database that we maintain for version management is available to Company E as well, so they are able to check the latest version at any time. Company E's inventory problem was eradicated by utilizing on-demand printing, which is particularly good for diversified, low volume projects, to print only the number of copies required in each academic period.

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Company F Case Study:
Order processing and inventory management for the distribution of printed documents

Company F is a multinational company with over 100,000 employees in its corporate group. Responsible for educating employees, the education department was involved in revising for Japan educational materials developed by the U.S. head office for acquiring internal certifications, holding classes for employees and conferring the certifications. Just storing the over 1000 pages of educational materials for coursework and preparation would be difficult enough, but the department also had to put on classes and serve as teachers. Needless to say, the burden on the department was heavy.

Arc Communications responded by arranging a warehouse to store the enormous volume of materials and taking over every aspect of inventory management. We also constructed an educational materials ordering system exclusively for Company F that receives orders for materials from students and teachers as they are needed, and we were contracted for all the arrangements involving the materials.

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Company G Case Study:
Preparing Press Releases and Their Relevant Notifications with a Quick Turnaround

Company G is a multinational company that needed speedy Japanese translations of messages directed at company employees from the company president based in the U.S. head office for its Japanese employees, and press releases from the head office for outside the company.

To respond to this client’s specific needs, Arc Communications arranged to receive announcement materials early via network from the U.S. head office at night Japanese time (around noon, U.S. time) and deliver the translation the next morning. By assigning a regular translator, we have been able to provide the client with high quality translations that all have a unified tone, and such a service is now being held in high regard. We also fax translated press releases on behalf of Company G to designated addresses.

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