Localization requires more than language abilities - the understanding of software as well as development capabilities are also needed.

localization items

Arc Communications, a translation agency, handles a wide array of translations, including localization of items such as:


It goes without saying that we cover all steps of the localization process:
- Integrating translation directly into source
- Source code refinement
- Building an evaluation environment for functional testing
- Preparation of data for the construction of a testing system
 (available in Windows, Mac or UNIX environments)

These skills are supported by our group of in-house system engineers who are versed in the latest information technology. In fact, Arc Communications traces back its roots to IDS, an IT solutions company offering one-stop systems integration services. Spinning off of IDS, Arc Communications, as an independent translation agency, offers unique proposition for our clients’ localization needs.

Our superb localization services, including its process and quality delivered, have been recognized in the industry, represented by the receipt of Japan IT Management’s Grand Prize Award (sponsored by the Japan Industrial Journal).(*1)

Today, our localization supports projects of various scales and in 16 different languages including Japanese, Chinese and Korean, to name just a few. We are entrusted by our clients to manage their localization needs with our superb processes, efficient management, unmatched quality and raw talent.

(*1) Award received in 2000 under the name of IDS Corporation.

Localizations Projects (Partial List)

  • Localization into Japanese of a manual, online help and user interface for an American gas chromatography device
  • Localization into Japanese of an operation manual and online help for a CAD system 3DCG application
  • Localization of an end user’s manual and user interface for ERP software
  • Localization of a manual, online help and user interface for a content management system
  • Localization of a development support tool utilizing XML
  • Localization of a Japanese website into English, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean
  • Localization of cloud-capable office software (user interface, online help and online manual)
  • Localization of an Internet tool (call center support software)
  • Localization of antivirus software
  • Localization into Japanese of an operation manual for tree-clearing machinery (XML data)

We also have experience in the localization of embedded devices, databases, server applications and UNIX packages.

Overseas Projects Welcomed

The US, UK, Finland, China and Hong Kong – We have abundance of international projects under our belt. No project is either too large or too far. Contact us today. Estimates and quotes can be offered in the currency of our client’s choice.

Environment Supporting Localizations and Use of Translation Tools

One of the key elements to efficient and effective localization is accumulation of data. Here, we refer to a database of translated materials enabling translation tools to be put into use. This is highly effective for product manuals with frequent revisions that contain large amounts of unrevised contents.

The benefits are obvious. Doing away with the need of retranslating the same content “translates” to shorter time-to-market and less cost. Furthermore, it allows our system engineers to develop proprietary tools to unique requirements of our clients.

Localization Tools:

SDL Trados, Transit, Catalyst, Passolo, Visual Studio
RoboHelp for HTML Help, HTML QA
Web Works Publisher, EpicEditor

Data Format (DTP/WEB software):

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Quark Express
Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Visio, Acrobat, Chinese Writer, Flash

Our Global Client List

The Sony Group, Hewlett-Packard, the GE Group, FileNet, Nihon Unisys Software, Oracle, SAS, Nortel Networks, Canon, etc.

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