Arc Communications releases a periodical newsletter (funNOTE) two times a year (Summer, Winter).

The newsletter covers everything from the latest developments in translation and web design to a light-hearted look into what Arc is like behind closed doors.

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September 3, 2015ARC Newsletter, Summer 2015 (WEB): 10th Anniversary Issue
February 27, 2015ARC Newsletter, Winter 2014-2015 (WEB)
September 5, 2014ARC Newsletter, Summer 2014 (WEB)
April 9, 2014Position Available
April 3, 2014Getting Ahead of the Game - Entering Japan Market is Never Too Early With the Upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics - Make Sure Your Message is Localized By a Tokyo-Based Language Solutions Company
March 18, 2014Globalization of Education Reaching All-Time High in Japan - "UNIV. IN JAPAN" Website Offers Detailed Look at English-Taught Degree Programs by Japanese Universities
January 29, 2014ARC Newsletter, Winter 2013 (WEB)
September 3, 2013ARC Newsletter, Summer 2013 (WEB)
February 14, 2013ARC Newsletter, Winter 2012 (WEB)
September 6, 2012ARC Newsletter, Summer 2012 (WEB)
January 26, 2012ARC Newsletter, Winter 2011 (WEB)
September 13, 2011Japanese Translation Agency Arc Communications Launches Translation and Interpreting Services Directed at the U.S. Market
August 10, 2011ARC Newsletter, Summer 2011 (WEB)
April 5, 2011ARC Newsletter, Spring 2011 (WEB)
January 17, 2011ARC Newsletter, Winter 2010 (WEB)
October 2010ARC Newsletter, No.07 October 2010 (PDF 481KB)
September 9, 2010Book Published, Diamond, Inc., "Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing", Herb Sorensen, Translator
July 16, 2010ARC Newsletter, Summer 2010 (WEB)
March 10, 2010ARC Newsletter, Spring 2010 (WEB)
January 20, 2010ARC Newsletter, Winter 2009 (WEB)
December 9, 2009ARC Newsletter, No.06 October 2009 (PDF 2.7MB)
August 5, 2009ARC Newsletter, Summer 2009 (WEB)
April 7, 2009ARC Newsletter, Spring 2009 (WEB)
March 12, 2009Book Published, Diamond, Inc., "Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative"; David A. Aaker, Translator
December 15, 2008ARC Newsletter, Winter 2008 (WEB)
December 1, 2008ARC Newsletter, No.05 October 2008 (PDF 545KB)
March 24, 2008ARC Newsletter, Spring 2008 (WEB)
December 13, 2007ARC Newsletter, Winter 2007 (WEB)
December 6, 2007ARC Newsletter, No.04 October 2007 (PDF 1.1MB)
July 30, 2007ARC Newsletter, Summer 2007 (WEB)
March 12, 2007ARC Newsletter, No.03 March 2007 (PDF 910KB)
February 2, 2007Book Published, First Press, Inc., "Principles of Human Resource Management"; D. Quinn Mills, Translation Supervisor
December 12, 2006ARC Newsletter, Winter 2006 (WEB)
November 30, 2006Book Published, Diamond, Inc., "Blog Marketing"; Jeremy Wright, Translation Supervisor
November 27, 2006ARC Newsletter, No.02 October 2006 (PDF 1.15MB)
July 14, 2006Book Published, First Press, Inc., "Principles of Management"; D. Quinn Mills, Translator
March 15, 2006ARC Newsletter, No.01 April 2006 (PDF 542KB)
March 9, 2006Book Published, First Press, Inc., "Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live"; D. Quinn Mills, Translator

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