Translation Service – Fields Handled

Arc Communications has specialists in carrying out translations in various industrial fields. A highly experienced translator well-versed in each field will handle your translations.

Management Annual reports, conference materials, financial statements, corporate social responsibility (CSR), international financial reporting standards (IFRS) response, SOX/J-SOX response, M&A, investor relations (IR), corporate governance, earnings announcement and financial results related materials, etc.
IT and
Information Communication
Hardware manuals, software manuals, catalogs, user interface, guidelines, design specifications, operational manuals, maintenance manuals, owner’s manuals, etc.
Localization Software localization, website localization, comic book localization, online help, computer game software localization, etc.
Entertainment Comic book localization (manga translation), computer game software localization, subtitle translations and tape transcriptions, etc.
Machinery Specification sheets, design specifications, operator’s manuals, maintenance manuals, servicing manuals, etc.
PR and Marketing Press releases, speeches, newsletters, in-house newsletters, intranet and news translations, taglines, catalogs, corporate brochures, brochures, website translations, etc.
Human Resources,
Education and Training
Course materials, educational materials, training materials, educational manuals, Six Sigma, etc.
Publications Business books, general publications, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc.
Legal Contracts, agreements, application documents, various certificates, rules and ordinances, licenses, etc.
Patents Patent specifications, intermediate process documents, etc.
Pharmaceuticals Standard operating procedures (SOP), clinical trial reports, post marketing surveillance (safety (side-effect) information and inserts), etc.

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