Teaching Materials, Educational Materials and Training Materials Translation

Are you at a loss by the volume of translations you require for training textbooks, in-house educational and other related materials?

Arc Communications has experience in the translation of educational materials related to courses for the acquisition of MBA degrees and CPA licenses, in-house educational materials related to quality control, internal control and other materials. Orders are received from foreign-affiliated companies, corporations with bases in various countries around the world, auditing firms and educational institutions.

We are available to carry out translations into Japanese, Chinese and various other languages, so please feel free to consult us about your needs.

Key Points related to the Translation of Educational Materials

Arc Communications has dealt with projects that have required the translation of massive amounts of materials in a short timeframe. Multiple translators work as a team in large-scale projects, and in such cases, overall uniformity become very important.
Arc Communications enables this by having a chief linguist, who acts centrally as the editorial supervisor, create style guides and glossaries for the translation project. Furthermore, highly experienced project managers supervise progress and make sure that no problems arise during translation. This system ensures the achievement of high-quality translations within a limited turnaround time.

We have many highly experienced translators on hand, so please feel free to consult Arc Communications for all your translation needs.

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Past Translations of Teaching, Educational and Training Materials

Educational Materials for Business Persons

Textbook for a course for the acquisition of MBA degrees by Japanese business persons (English to Japanese translation)
Textbook for a course for the acquisition of MBA degrees by Chinese business persons (Japanese to simplified Chinese translation)

Educational Materials Related to Internal Control

Educational materials for in-house employees from a company’s human resources development headquarters
Employee education materials for responding to the SOX Act

Educational Materials Related to Accounting

Materials related to US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US-GAAP) compliant corporate policy
Materials related to policies and procedures regarding intercompany debts and credits

Training Materials Related to Quality Control

Educational materials adopting the Six Sigma methodology

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