Guidelines Translation

Arc Communications responds swiftly to the translation of guidelines consisting of a large number of pages, whether it is a thick volume of security guidelines for use in Japan, website guidelines that require frequent updates for the long-term operation of a site, logo guidelines containing many illustrations or influenza pandemic response guidelines that require immediate turnaround.

For the translation of website guidelines, for example, most guidelines contain not only details regarding configuration specifications but also a massive amount of text. Items that need to be included also increase each year, and that means that timely translations are required when the operation of the guidelines is being updated.

Arc Communications not only has translators with high IT skills who specialize in their field of expertise but also benefits from a strong collaboration between its translation unit and web unit, making it possible to deal with any kind of translation project.

Past Translations

  • Security guidelines
  • Website guidelines
  • Logo guidelines
  • Pandemic influenza response guidelines

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