Intranet and News Translation

"We want to publish a message from the president on the intranet for all overseas employees"

"We want to communicate an interview with the developer of a new product to our overseas branches"

Regardless of the language, the operation and updating of an intranet is an essential task for companies that carry out business on a global scale. There is a need to update information that arrives on a daily basis, such as regarding regularly scheduled deliveries made each business day or articles that are uploaded directly through content management systems (CMS), precisely, reliably, comprehensibly and in a timely manner.

Arc Communications’ intranet and news translations are not run of the mill translations. Rather they are optimum translations that are carried out by understanding the characteristics of a particular industry or company and the background, developing a deep relationship with the client and accumulating information and knowledge.

By providing backup support of your daily updating tasks, we can lighten the operational load of those in charge at your company while ensuring that we provide you with high quality translations.

Past Translations

  • Leading mobile phone manufacturer: Daily translation and delivery of English to Japanese and Japanese to English translations of the company’s “Daily News”
  • Leading news distribution company: Weekly English to Japanese translations of one or two newspaper articles, delivered directly to the system through a content management system
  • Leading foreign-affiliated conglomerate: English to Japanese and Japanese to English translations of an in-house newsletter updated monthly; translations swiftly delivered each time
  • Leading telecom: Six-month focused updating of a special feature site for employees

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