Translation related to Specialized Equipment

Arc Communications is capable of a wide-range of translations including those related to specialized equipment. We support the rollout of specialized hardware in Asia by continually offering the optimum translation framework.

Past Translations

Forestry Equipment-related Translation

Forestry equipment that can only be used by specialists is being utilized in the forests of Northern Europe. Arc Communications is providing support so that such forestry equipment can also be used in other countries and regions. Translation of user manuals for the forestry equipment is being carried out centered on translators who specialize in this field, and we are receiving the high recognition of our clients.

Headset-related Translations

In this age when speed is essential in business, telephone headsets that free people’s hands to communicate while they work or drive are being used by many people. Arc Communications has handled numerous translations related to audio equipment, including users’ manuals. Our approach on providing user-friendly translations has been well received by clients.

Please see the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions related to translation and localization.

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