Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Translation

Companies publish corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports in order to brief as many stakeholders as possible on the efforts being made in relation to compliance, management, contribution to society, environmental conservation and employment issues. Among global companies, CSR reports are being recognized as having greater and greater importance each year as strategic publications that strongly reflect a company’s corporate character.

Arc Communications handles a wide variety of related translations including CSR reports, sustainability reports, environmental reports, compliance manuals, corporate governance reports and internal control manuals. The translations resulting from the accumulation of such experience is highly recognized by its customers.

Arc Communications is capable of handling specialized terminology in a wide range of fields that is not limited to CSR. What is more, our translations will reflect the most important element - the company’s corporate character - through careful and sufficient communication with our clients.

Please contact Arc Communications if you are considering the translation of a corporate social responsibility report.

Flow of CSR-related Translations

  • Detailed hearings with the client
    • We determine the main target of the report - such as all stakeholders in general, the company’s employees or students - from among a diverse audience
    • We find the most appropriate expression for each language while taking the intended reader into consideration
    • We take particular care to deepen the reader’s understanding of the company’s business content when the business itself is a target of civic activities
  • Translation and rewriting
    • In addition to regular translation, we rewrite content while listening directly to the client’s requests
  • We carry out confirmation meetings and reviews where possible considering the project schedule

Specific Example of a CSR Translation Service Rendered

Actual case: Flow of CSR report translation for Company “X”

■ Kickoff meeting*
*We discuss the overall concept of the report and work involved

Sample translation

We deliver a sample translation

■ Meeting for the confirmation of the sample translation*
*We determine the direction of the translation to be carried out, such as preferred expressions and terminology to be used, while confirming an actual (sample) translation


■ Meeting for the confirmation of the translation*
*We confirm the end product at the translation stage and identify areas that need to be rewritten


■ Meeting for the confirmation of the draft rewrite*
*Overall confirmation of the text and content is carried out towards the final draft

Final rewrite

■ Meeting for the confirmation and approval of the proof

Voice of the Client

"By having repeated meetings made available to us, I feel that we were able to fully convey our intent and what we wanted to communicate. The fact that Arc Communications totally understood where we were coming from was a source of great reassurance. The end result was a report that was good reading even in the translated Japanese."

Voice of Arc Communications Staff Member Involved

"We rewrote the translation while taking care to ensure that there were no discrepancies. For example, a direct translation of an English expression can result in a contradiction in meaning in Japanese. There are also English expressions that sound excessive in Japanese, while supplementary information is required in others. Advancing the translation project while directly confirming specific issues with our client led to a higher quality product."

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Arc Communications provides proficient translations in Asian languages including Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Korean. We provide optimum translation services not only focused around Japanese but also directly from English to another Asian language, etc.

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Asian languages Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, etc. Please feel free to ask us about other Asian languages.

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