Conference Material Translation

Conference materials, such as financial results or statements and outlooks for the next term and beyond, often make heavy use of specialized terms and abbreviations. They can also contain in-house jargon that is not used elsewhere.

In the case of periodic meetings, Arc Communications creates glossaries of terms and abbreviations that will also contain a client’s in-house jargon. Furthermore, Arc Communications has a long list of translators who specialize in each field, making it possible to deliver high-quality translations with quick turnaround times.

Arc Communications can confidently bring you translations of any style, whether they are projector-based conference materials, documents for the development of new products, which do not contain existing terminology, or creatively written items that require twists or even wordplay.
We guarantee the delivery of translations that are colored in the style of your company.

With Arc Communications’ proven track record in the delivery of high-quality, reliable translations, you can feel secure in entrusting us with the translation of materials for meetings attended by top corporate executives.

Past Translations

  • Leading pharmaceuticals company: Conference materials for the regularly scheduled meetings of the board of directors
  • Leading mobile phone manufacturer: Conference materials for global product planning meetings
  • Leading consulting firm: Conference materials for marketing meetings
  • Leading foreign-affiliated conglomerate enterprise: Conference minutes for global meetings at the start of a new year

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