Contract/Agreement Translation

Experience is a key element in the translation of contracts. The amount translated in the past and the experience accumulated is directly linked to quality of the translation.

The demand for agreement translations is growing every year as global business transactions continue to escalate. In response to this, Arc Communications has a great number of translators on hand with abundant experience in the translation of contracts. This framework enables Arc Communications to handle even urgent translations with a short turnaround time.

In English to Japanese agreement translations, we have accumulated a proven track record in the translation of a wide range of contracts through highly experienced translators. This ensures that the translated English-language contracts, which differ in their form from Japanese contracts, will function sufficiently in their Japanese-language versions.

In Japanese to English agreement translations, we can change the format, according to your request, to one that follows that of Western contracts.

Here are some examples of the agreement translations handled by Arc Communications.

English to Japanese Agreement Translations

  • Foreign-affiliated diagnostic imaging system manufacturing company: Purchase and sale agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated consulting firm: Agreement template
  • Foreign-affiliated venture company: Licensing agreement for a pending government patent
  • Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer: Power of attorney
  • Leading brokerage: Bid tendering guidelines and agreement
  • Foreign-affiliated software manufacturer: Privacy policy
  • Leading foreign-affiliated brake manufacturer: Agreement with a human resources company
  • Leading portal site operator: License agreement
  • Leading construction company: Construction agreement
  • Knitted-wear company: Shop lease
  • Leading foreign-affiliated supply chain: Reseller agreement
  • Leading warehousing company: Work instructions

Japanese to English Agreement Translations

  • Leading medical equipment manufacturer: Development agreement
  • Leading electronic device manufacturer: Client software licensing agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated transport and communication devices manufacturer: Office lease
  • Foreign-affiliated financial holding company: Lease agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated software manufacturer: Software licensing agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated chemical manufacturer: Basic trade agreement
  • Foreign-affiliated venture company: Licensing agreement for a pending government patent
  • Global multimedia company: Nondisclosure agreement
  • System architecture and content creation service company: Basic distributorship agreement
  • Leading pharmaceuticals company: Consulting agreement
  • Leading pharmaceuticals company: Draft basic agreement for the dispatch of expatriate employees
  • Leading telecommunications device manufacturer: Investment agreement
  • Major auditing company: Verification agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated financial services company: Outsourcing agreement, etc.
  • Leading EAP provider: EAP agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated materials manufacturer: Debt underwriting method agreement
  • Foreign-affiliated medical equipment manufacturer: Basic trade contact
  • Leading advertising agency: Commercial endorsement agreement
  • Leading private university: Subcontracting agreement
  • Leading cutting instrument manufacturer: Equipment rental agreement
  • Leading cutting instrument manufacturer: Subcontracted administrative agency agreement
  • Leading cutting instrument manufacturer: Loan agreement
  • Leading foreign-affiliated software manufacturer: Transfer contract modification agreement
  • Leading motorcycle retail company: Management guidance commissioning agreement
  • Leading motorcycle retail company: Basic consulting agreement
  • Leading travel agency: Nondisclosure agreement
  • Leading publisher: Publishing agreement

The services rendered by Arc Communications are related to translation only. We ask customers to confirm legal aspects on their own.

Please see the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions related to translation and localization.

Please feel free to consult with us on the translation of items not listed here.

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