PR And Marketing Materials Translation

Translation of PR and Marketing Materials for IT Companies

Do you have dissatisfaction as an IT company in the Japanese translations of sales promotion tools and websites?

The translation of websites and sales promotion tools (catalogs and pamphlets) differs completely from the translation of manuals and specification sheets.
There are an increasing number of IT companies that seek translations that appeal IT solutions and services, such as cloud computing, network management, security solutions and network solutions, in a manner that is easy for their clients to understand.
Arc Communications provides translation services that take a company’s PR and marketing into consideration based on an understanding of information technology.

If the Japanese market is your target, local translators and translation agencies, which understand circumstances in Japan, are the most suited to carry out your translations. However, a problem that often arises is communicating with the client’s headquarters in English.
There is no need to worry if you are dealing with Arc Communications. We have English-speaking translation coordinators who can communicate directly with you through conference calls and emails in English.
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Furthermore, more and more corporate websites have adopted a content management system (CMS) that is controlled by headquarters. This, too, can be an obstacle in the use of a translation agency.
Arc Communications is also involved in website production, and it leverages this to even take on duties for directly entering and editing the CMS.

We Can Also Respond Individually in English to the Person in Charge!

Arc Communications has gained the trust of a leading US company and has, for the past several years, been carrying out the translation into Japanese of a website that is modified on a daily basis, sales promotion tools, annual reports related to data leakage/violation as well as a report summarizing the state of compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for the credit card industry.
We can handle communications with contact persons in English through conference calls and email. We can also make revisions on content management systems controlled by the head office. Furthermore, we are capable of managing translation memories (TM) for each client or respond to their unique work style, and provide high quality services as a localization vendor.
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