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Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese? The Two Types of Chinese Characters

April 13, 2015

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Chinese characters are a type of script originating in ancient China. Japanese people can somehow grasp the meaning of Chinese characters because they are commonly used in written Japanese too. However, Chinese characters presently used in Japan have been adapted for use in the Japanese language, and the Chinese language constantly changes with trends and demand.

China has a long history and Chinese characters have their own history too. Did you know there are two types of Chinese characters?

Why There Are Two Types of Chinese Characters

The Chinese language has two types of Chinese characters - Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Originally, everything was written in Traditional Chinese. However, when the People's Republic of China was established in the mid-twentieth century, China had to spread literacy throughout the country to its people. Chinese people also found Traditional Chinese characters difficult to understand and to memorize.

What is Creative Translation?

April 6, 2015

Creative translation

Translation is the art of rendering language A into language B. Translators may also be called upon to be creative with their translation skills.

The word creative means to have the skill and imagination to produce something new. Creative translation can make translators rack their brains to find just the right words. Let's take a look at the need for creative translation and its effectiveness.

What is Creative Translation?

Translation generally refers to transferring the words and phrases of the source text into another language while being careful to retain the meaning and content as much as possible. Creative translation is not merely substituting words in language A for words in language B. Creative translation requires a flexible approach that suits the target audience.

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