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Exploring the Language of the East European Country Croatia and Croatian Translation

October 31, 2016

Croatian Translation in the Tourism Industry

Hello, I am Yosshi. I entered the translating business two years ago, dreaming of an international career. Since then, every day I keep discovering more about the ever-fascinating world of translation.

When it comes to popular tourist destinations in Europe, countries like Italy, France, and Spain immediately come to mind. However, in recent years, Croatia has been attracting the attention of the tourism industry as a niche destination in East Europe. So, I decided to do a little research on Croatia and Croatian translation.

Occupation, Civil War, Independence... And now, a Popular Tourist Destination in the Making!

First, I looked into the basic facts on Croatia, such as its geographic location, history, and current situation.

Jasmine: The Tragic Romantic Story Hidden Behind the Philippines' Floral Emblem

October 24, 2016

English, Tagalog, Chinese

Hello everyone, I'm Naho, a girl who would love to travel abroad this summer. Recently I've been flipping through the pages of foreign literature for English learning purposes, and I found myself particularly drawn to love stories - women do dream about Romance after all, I guess. Known to many for its elegance, the jasmine is the floral emblem of the Philippines. What people do not see behind those pearly petals, however, is the legacy of a great romantic story.

A Hidden Tale of Fruitless Love

The floral emblem of the Philippines is what we know as the Arabian Jasmine. Filipinos call it "Sumpa Kita", 'a promise of endless love' in the Tagalog language.

Studying Foreign Languages Through NHK's Language Programs

October 17, 2016

Study Through NHK's Language Programs

I'm Yucchi. I'm still a rookie, having moved here from another industry last fall. Since I'm new to the translation industry, I have a lot to learn, but I've been studying and also learning all sorts of things from my seniors.

When I talk about working at a translation agency, people tend to assume that I'm skilled at foreign languages. But actually, I'm only able to speak about everyday topics in English--I'm still at a level where I have lots to learn. I'd like to learn more English so that my work abroad goes even more smoothly. Since I work in an environment where I have opportunities to come into contact with other languages as well, I'd also like to learn more about other languages. When I asked my seniors about best methods for language study, they recommended NHK's language programs. NHK's language programs were recommended to me when I was a student as well, but I wasn't very interested then and didn't try them out. But apparently NHK has been working on the content and level of its programs, so that they have become more interesting. So I decided to look into their language programs.

For Little Cost, You Can Choose a Program That Suits Your Interests and Ability Level

When I think about going to an English conversation class, I worry a little about the cost. With NHK's language programs, if you have a TV, radio, computer, or smartphone, then the only cost is that of the textbook. It's great to be able to get started without much expense.

The Albanian Language, in Its Own Language Family Branch

October 10, 2016


I'm Yoshi. I took the plunge into the translation industry because I was drawn to international work, and I'm now in my second year at Arc Communications. Since coming to Arc, I've realized through my day-to-day discoveries and studies just how deep and layered translation is. I'd like to carefully process the things I've learned, make steady progress, and introduce what I've learned to all of you through this blog.

Since coming to work at a translation agency, I have become much more conscious of how fascinating languages are. Sometimes the same words will have different nuances in various regions, or show historical influences. Arc Communications deals with forty-four languages. Since the moment I set my eyes on that list, the language that I have been especially curious about is Albanian. I had a vague image of Albania as a cold country, but I knew absolutely nothing about the Albanian language.

So in preparation for the day when I need to handle an Albanian translation, I decided to look up information about the Albanian language.

I Started with the Absolute Basics. Where is Albania, Anyway?

Though I had heard the word "Albania," I didn't actually know exactly where the country was. As I looked into it, I discovered that many people have the mistaken idea that it is "near Russia" or that it's "one of the three Baltic States." Albania is an Eastern European country located on the western side of the Balkan peninsula. Macedonia borders it to the northeast and Greece to the southeast. Italy is separated by a sea, but is just 72 kilometers away.

Arc Communications Inc. Employee Self-Introduction by Yoshi

October 3, 2016


I'm Yoshi, of Arc Communications Inc.

I will be contributing information on translation to this company blog.

For my first post, I'd like to start by introducing myself.

What is your name?


October 2016

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