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English Rose: the Characteristics of England's Floral Emblem

May 1, 2017

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England's Floral Emblem

Hello again, Naho here. Recently I've been doing quite some tidying up around my room, and the desk area is now all cleared up, neat and lovely. Putting my favorite rose fragrance diffuser on the desk, the ultimate relaxing atmosphere is officially complete. I'd gladly get some work done in an office like this.

The rose has always been adored by the English. Today I would like to write about how this flower was made England's floral emblem, and some facts about gardening in the UK.

Wars of the Roses

The story of the symbolic English Rose traces back to the Wars of the Roses, one of the most well-known series of wars in world history.

The wars were fought for control of the throne of England in the 15th century between the "white rose" (of the House of York) and the "red rose" (of the House of Lancaster). The final victory went to the House of Lancaster, thus the red rose was made a national symbol of England.

Perhaps for English people, the Tudor rose is not only their floral emblem, but also a symbolization of the historical event where their country became united again after years of conflict.

A Nation in Love with Gardening

Some say that the English have long been a people who truly enjoy gardening, which is rather convincing, considering they have developed their own style: the English Landscape Garden.

It is believed that the English Garden drew inspirations from realistic paintings of landscapes that gained popularity in the late 17th century. Often featuring a main lake, the style places great emphasis on the view of the nature, and aims to recreate the idealized sceneries illustrated in the paintings.

Roses are much adored in the UK. The nation is home to a great number of beautiful rose gardens such as Queen Mary's Rose Garden in London (one of the largest within the city) and the rose garden of Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. During the right seasons, one can see a riot of color across the country.

The English and French Roses

Did you know that roses also have different "brands", just as in fashion and cosmetics? And one of the most famous is the "English Rose," bred by English gardener David Austin.

The English Rose is widely cherished for its elegant appearance, and there are now over 200 cultivars of it that are appreciated all over the world.

Another variation of rose bred by a prestigious French garden nursery, called the "French Rose," is gaining increasing attention among gardening enthusiasts for its glamorous form and exquisite color. Some even say that "every single French Rose is unique," referring to its unmistakable beauty. Both the English and the French roses are fascinating in their own way, but it's hard to tell which one is more popular.

Discovering more about roses gave me a sudden urge to take classes on British English, but the truth is that I'm snowed under with work and have no time to spare... Like "there's no rose without a thorn," I guess there are realities everyone just has to live with. Well, I'll do my best.

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